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About Murderplays

Chris’ interest in ‘murder mystery’ evolved over a number of years. While living in Leeds in the early 1990s he ran a murder mystery drama company which specialised in presenting improvised murder mystery events to hotels in the West Yorkshire area.

Years later, while teaching in Bridlington, Chris improvised a play with his colleagues called ‘Who Killed the Headmaster?’. This was performed by for the school’s centenary celebrations, in 1999. Yet it wasn’t until he’d relocated to Bolton in the 2000s that he formally wrote this piece down as a PTA fundraiser. And in 2005 this scripted version of ‘Who Killed the Headmaster?’ received its premiere in Greater Manchester with the actors/staff reading from their scripts while performing. This proved to be ‘the eureka moment’ for Chris. A performance event that sidestepped the need for any linelearning meant that it could be staged in an incredibly short timescale by a cast of largely non-actors. Inspired by the reaction that the play received, and feeling that he’d stumbled upon a winning formula, Chris immediately set to work on several more...

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Who killed the secret agent? Who killed the mad scientist?